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Monotona Tyres Ltd (MTL)


Monotona Tyres Ltd (MTL) was incorporated on 25th January 1995.
Presently Monotona Tyres Ltd is a part of RUIA GROUP having Dunlop India Ltd and Falcan Tyres Ltd. within the group.

Since 1997, Monotona Tyres Limited has been supplying tyres and tubes to Bajaj Auto Limited under the brand name MTL RACER. After supplying
00,000 tyres and tubes to Bajaj by end of September 1999, MTL set up a new plant and started making 1.5 million tyres and tubes per annum.

Annualized capacity was reached by Feb 2000, a record time for the Tyre Industry. Today, MTL has expanded to a capacity of
3,00,000 Tyres &
6,00,000 Tubes / month and is supplying to Bajaj Auto Ltd., Kinetic, LML and has a big presence in the retail market with over 300 dealers throughout India.

MTL has successfully entered the export market. The countries that MTL is exporting to are:

  • South America
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
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